EVLA Antenna Gain solution plotter

(For the pointing solution plotter, go here.)

The current (most recent) telcal .GN table is listed below. Alternatively, you can enter a different one before generating the plots. It takes up to 20 seconds for the phase plots to appear for a 2-hour track (and more time if amplitude is also selected). For local users, this script can be run from the command-line to produce a 16-page PDF for a specified project. Email Todd Hunter for details. Link to archive search tool. Link to operator tool. Link to API tool.
         age: 0 minutes, duration: 3 minutes, frequencyRange: 8396.00 - 17648.00 GHz
x-axis (UT) limits (auto = 0 to 0): to Current MJD=58264.402500
Sampler data: 8-bit (A0,C0/B0,D0)   3-bit-1 (A1,C1/B1,D1)   3-bit-2 (A2,C2/B2,D2)    
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