EVLA Atmospheric Phase Interferometer and windspeed plotter

Technical details on the EVLA API hardware and data product can be found in VLA Test Memos 213, 222, and Radford et al. (1996).
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Standard time ranges: Day view   Week view   Month view   Number of days/weeks/months:
Start date and time: Show latest data   Specify start date   Specify start & end date (overrides Standard time range)
              Local Date (MM/DD/YYYY) :   end:
              Local Time (optional) (HH[:MM:SS]):   end:
              Shade a UT range (HH[:MM:SS]):        end: (Day view only)
X-axis options: UT/Civil time   Scatter plots: LST   Before sunrise   Since sunrise   Before sunset   Since sunset
Y-axis options: Autoscale (if rms data go beyond 50 deg)   Fixed (0-50 deg)   Note: Values > 100 likely indicate a hardware problem.
Server option: Try primary first (then try backup)   Use primary only   Use backup only
status = 16 = No API amplitude data (begins in Aug 2011).
..Data found on primary server (evlampt-proddb) in 0.5 seconds

No data found for the single-dish amplitudes: RMS_A and RMS_B. Link for temperature data

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